Sparticle Labs works with A.I. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Technologies

Sparticle develops A.I., machine learning and advanced analysis tools. We also partner with best-of-breed technology providers to deliver a robust, quantitative toolset for identifying and investing into the most promising university innovation.


Sparticle Labs is our R&D “skunkworks.” We work with industry-leading technology and partners, and also develop our own A.I. and machine learning toolsets. We use these tools within Sparticle Ventures, and also offer them to members of the Sparticle INTERSECT platform, to perform their own due diligence within syndicates.

The technologies we utilize allow us to assess the likelihood of an investment being successful. The feedback that our assessment tools provide is shared with the innovators and the companies we invest into. The insights gained help to improve the outcomes for our portfolio companies as a result of the open-ended and transparent exchange of information between all stakeholders.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results, however with A.I. and machine learning, the premise is that the system will get “smarter” the more data it has available to it. This means that over time we may expect our results to continue to improve and our investment selection process to become more and more accurate.